Creative Camp Workshop for Photographers and Videographers

michael ferire

“I do not think I am really a photographer. What matters to me is to understand and express myself in a very singular way. I see everything as a material. I try to create textures, to suggest sensations, to reveal the essence. I want to create something real. I believe in an organic vision to make all that happen. Photography is the best solution I found to express that feeling, to convey what I feel is true. To be quiet and speak out loud at the same time.”

“No creo ser realmente fotógrafo. Lo que realmente me importa es entender y expresarme de una manera única. Veo todo como un material. Intento crear texturas, sugerir sensaciones, revelar su esencia. Quiero crear algo real. Creo en una vision orgánica para que todo eso suceda.”


Only photograph what you love! - Theoretical and practical workshop (live shoot in film)

The idea is to explain that, as a photographer, you have to be focused on your feelings instead of thinking from the client perspective. 

The real subject is always what speaks to your soul from the texture of the sky to the detail an outfit. The real coherence emerges when you are confident. 

Live photoshoot: the idea is precisely to do things in a more natural and organic way than what's allowed in a traditional wedding context to reconnect with sensations. 

Fotografía solo lo que quieres! - Taller teórico y práctico (live shoot en film)

La idea es explicar que, como fotógrafo, tienes que centrarte en tus sentimientos en vez de pensar desde la perspectiva del cliente.

El sujeto real es siempre el que habla desde tu alma, desde la textura del cielo hasta el detalle de la ropa. La coherencia emerge cuando tienes confianza.

Live photoshoot: la idea es precisamente hacer las cosas de una manera más natural y orgánica de la que nos permite el contexto de una boda, para volver a reconectar con sensaciones.



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